How We Price

To Our Prospective Clients,

     As the owner and director if IPS, I wish to take a moment and explain how we structure our pricing and our true motivations behind specific hardware and equipment recommendations we may offer our customers.  In 1991 I decided to shift the focus of IPS from sales to service.  I had concerns about the conflict of interest involved as a consultant advising a client on their hardware needs while acting as the hardware vendor.  The possibility of a vendor slanting the assessments and proposals in favor of personal profit is significant.

     Margins on hardware in the early 1980’s were high. The hardware was complicated and a vendor who understood how to make the components behave and perform earned the mark up. By the early 1990’s computer and security hardware had reached appliance status. Margins were very low and high quality hardware and its complexity had given way to lower quality mass produced units.     

     Many sales based companies misrepresent facts about the components, performance, pricing etc.. They use subtle tactics to sway buyers who are not technically savvy toward units or components that give them significantly higher margins. The higher margins do not come without a price. Subtle factual adjustments when they substitute lower quality, high margin components often reduce performance, ability to upgrade and life span.

     IPS’s primary business is service and administration not sales. We expect you to pay for our expertise and effort, not for opening a box.  My company was built on the premise of earning its income as a result of delivering uncommon quality, creative solutions and rapid response.  We provide hardware as a part of package deals based upon the price paid plus a reasonable handling fee as a convenience and service to our clients.  In many cases IPS will point you to a source where you can purchase the necessary components for the lowest price.

     By not considering hardware sales a profit center we can guarantee the highest level of client interest in all of our decisions.  Our clients can feel confident that any hardware recommendations made by IPS are based wholly on need, performance and cost effectiveness because we are free to be impartial. 

Very Sincerely,
William R. DeCuzzi
Owner and Director
Integrity Protection Service


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