Reactive Security

Reactive Security & Loss Control

The reactive stance is a losing proposition. Reactive scenario: a perpetrator breaks your window, enters your office, steals your computer, breaks some accessories and exits the building. The police respond, they are lucky and get there in time to see the perpetrator placing the computer in the car.  They lay chase, the perpetrator drops the computer and runs, breaking the monitor.  He is caught and charged with both breaking and entering, and theft. 
     In this scenario, the best outcome of the incident is an arrest, but to you and your business this is a loss and major disruption.  You have lost the computer (damaged, with it's data possibly lost forever), the window (broken), the accessories (broken), your business is interrupted, valuable management time is and will be wasted while dealing with police reports, court time and repairs of the window, computer, etc.. Furthermore, there is the expense of replacing the window, the computer components, accessories and other incidentals.  All in all, the incident has major impact on your business.  That is best result of a reactive approach.

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