Integrity Protection Service

Which would you prefer? Electronic Spaghetti? or Clean and Reliable?

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Whether a small rack or a full data room IPS can design, build and install all of your network racks, devices, data,  VOIP cabling and regular telephone cabling.

Integrity Protection Service Clean Data RackElectronic SpaghettiIPS is fully equipped and experienced in the installation of DEMARC extensions, wireless air bridges, links and MilSpec wireless data interfaces for both Computer Data, VOIP and CCTV surveillance connections.

IPS began as a tech savvy private investigative firm and continues to provide services to clients all over the USA and  abroad.

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Security Systems & Service

IPS began as an investigation firm and this gives us a unique ability to evaluate your security issues and needs. With our expertise in ALL aspects of security, not just security systems, we deliver the highest quality in the integration, installation and service of a security solution designed for your business or home..